Day 289: The Value of Reunions


“I don’t want to brag or make anyone jealous, but I can still fit into the same earrings I wore in high school.”


Reunions are wonderful for promoting self-reflection. I have to admit that the anticipation of attending my 50th class reunion had me thinking about how my face and body have changed. These thoughts always come from the ego that butts its way into our thoughts as if it has something important to say, “Connie, we need to lose weight, buy a new outfit, and get our hair done.” Oy vey, I think, what does it matter, and who am I trying to impress? I am “not” who I am because of the way I look. I am who I am because of the unique journey I have experienced these past five decades since I left high school. As one person said to me, upon entering the gathering, “I don’t think I will remember anyone, but I thought it was worth attending just to experience what a room full of wisdom feels like,” now that’s a cool way to value what a reunion have to offer.

It’s funny how each person’s reflection of fun times triggers another person’s memory, and soon you feel those old familiar feelings of your youth. Most of us still feel young at heart, maybe not physically, but mentally we don’t see our age until we look in the mirror. Reunions are a way of taking that never-aging person inside us on a short trip back in time where we all feel young at heart together once again.

Reflection: I am grateful for the blessings of courage that helped me step out of my comfort zone to attend my 50th high school reunion. While decades have added pounds to my waist, wrinkles around my eyes, it’s doesn’t matter because what I realized the most is that I kind of like the person I’ve grown into since 1971.

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