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Day 67: The Value of Inclusion

Everything seems 
to be someone else's fault.
Creating a separation
begins with our thoughts.

I am right.
You are wrong.
So stop singing
the same old song.

Talk to the hand
The face don't want to see
The ears ain't listen
Just let it be.

My convictions are right.
They're what I've always believed.
I'm sure it is God,
who is guiding me.

But then something
doesn't feel right
inside of me.
I can't see
what the hand is hiding
Whatever it is
It feels dividing
And I don't like
What it feels like
it's creating in me

Where is the inclusion
God taught us to see.
When He sat down with
the tax collectors
And righteous Pharisees.
They weren't much different
Than you and me,
But God listened.
a lessen
I see.

Instead of holding his one hand up
He held a stone
then let it drop
And said to those without sin
Go ahead...
And throw the first rock.

Inclusion creates unity
There's no fault to be found.
We each have an opinion
How do I know
It's not profound?

I can Lay my hand down,
Won't you let yours down too?
I'll give you my stone
and you can give me yours too.
We can build things together
The two of us.

Oneness, inclusion, unity
You and me
Creating a world
of possibilities
The way
it's meant
to be.

”Divinely Made”


Even a Toad is Divinely created! -Connie Rife

My reading today is called ”Tommy Toad.” it’s about a Toad who wishes it was a Frog so it could sing along with the frogs at night around the pond.

I recently made a judgment that someone was a Toad, not a Frog. I’ve always had a fondness for frogs; I don’t know why, maybe I was a Frog in another life. I liked them so much as a child that I even tried to grow them in my own little dug out pond. Needless to say the baby polliwogs were gone the next day along with the water that seeped into the earth.

What I learned in this reading was a simple reminder that everything and everyone has a purpose onto his own. As Tommy Toad learned that his dreams to sing in the choir would never come true unless he stepped out in faith to give it a try. He became the only baritone in the choir and his voice added something special that had been missing all along.

We all have something special to add to the choir of life, so don’t judge a Toad by comparing him to a Frog. One can be as easily kissed as the other, and you never know what they have to offer until you open your heart and let them in.