Monthly Archives: March 2020

You’re A Gift


”Peace of mind comes from knowing your purpose in life and then fulfilling it. It comes from knowing you’re making a difference in the world—that because you are alive, somehow things improve.” –Chris Michaels

There’s a negative tape that plays in my head from childhood when I read this quote. It says, ”Who do you think you are? God’s gift to the world or something?”

It took a long time to get past this way of thinking and begin to see my own self-worth. Once I understand the value in being uniquely created. I was also able to see the unique gift in others. We are not called to be like each other because who we are and what we have to offer the world is our gift to give. As we open up this gift we see that our purpose lies within the gift of who we are.

What is it that they say, a gift is not a gift until we give it away?

I guess we are each Gods gift to the world after all!