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I don’t like to share anything political, but this was too bazaar to hold back. 

Its 5:30 am, and I have to get this dream down before I forget it, although I don’t know how anyone could forget this one. 
I was praying to God with my eyes closed and when I was done I opened them and there sat Donald Trump. 

“Hey! Where’s God?” I asked.

“I fired him,” Trump said.


“Because He and His archangels have turned this world to rubble, and I alone am the only one who can fix it, I alone! Listen to me it’s true honest to God. It will be a whole new system when I’m president. Not only will I be in charge of the America, but I’ve decided I want to rule the whole world, and the universe, and I alone am the only one who can do it. I alone! There will be all new generals and archangels, and a new congress too.

By the way when you wake from your operation don’t be surprised when they hand you a mirror, and you notice your face is orange and your hair looks like mine. When I am elected everyone will be required to do the same so that when they look in the mirror and at each other they will see me and me alone me, me, me, me,” his voice carried on getting louder until it woke me up. 

Tom laughs at me, “no more cheese cake for you before bed,” he says