Monthly Archives: January 2016



It’s all in the way you choose to see it!

Whenever I hear the word goodness I can’t help but think of Nana Rife. After braising or roasting she would say, “what’s left behind in the pan is all the goodness, and that’s what you use to make good gravy.”  

 It’s such a great reminder that even goodness can be found in the messy things of our life. As we scrap, pick, and stir all the good parts together we too are able to create a life full of rich goodness. It’s a matter of choice, I can see the mucky mess of the pan and dread the idea of cleaning it or I can choose to make something good out it. The funny thing is when we choose to see goodness instead of muck the difficult things break apart easier becoming softer until all the muck is smoothed out in our life. The proof is in the gravy for in using the goodness…the pan in turn becomes easier to clean.



You know that feeling you get inside when your guts trying to tell you something. It’s funny how we don’t feel it or hear its message when we’re doing the right thing. However, when we’re about to go off track that instinct, called our intuition, goes into full force trying to get us to listen. I don’t know about you, but when I ignore it everything seems to go wrong. How does this inner voice know so much more then my conscious mind? 

Webster dictionary says that intuition is a natural ability or power that makes it possible to know something without any proof or evidence: a feeling that guides. 

Whether you have a belief that goes beyond yourself or not there can be no denying that there’s something going on inside us that can’t be explained. You can call it your intuition, God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus or the universe if you want. To me they’re all the same. It’s just another one of those laws of nature like electricity. Even though we can’t see it we know it’s there because when we plug a lamp into its power source darkness disappears, and the clarity of light comes into view. I like to think that being in tune with our intuitive is the same as being in tune with the Infinite. When the connection is made just like electricity a positive affect is created if we listen to it.