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On Ol Vehicles and Their Repairs


No matter how good your car is or how well you take care of it eventually you’re going to need new parts and some repairs. Or you could just trade it in for a new model. Unfortunately, the body’s vehicle can’t be traded in for a new model. In the last few years, Tom and I have been in and out of the repair shop hoping to get a few more years out of our aging vehicles. We have a lot to do yet, and we’re grateful for the quality of life these repairs give us.

I went in for some repairs on my hands a little over a week ago. The right hand was for carpal tunnel that I put off too long, and the left hand was for a painful trigger thumb that was waking me up at night. They needed to be taken care of so I could take care of Tom for his upcoming right knee replacement. Unfortunately his knee pain took a turn for the worse and some days he can hardly walk at all. I thought I would have at least four weeks to gain my strength back, but it’s funny how we find ways to make things work out. Two bodies are better than one, and as we bring ourselves together we become one working unit. Tom has become our hands, and I our legs. We have become a true testament to our marriage values as we become one in each. But make no mistake, as we go through this new alignment in our bodies there’s lots of testing going on which requires patience. And what comes with patience but lots of opportunity to practice our sacred values of…for better or worse. Lol

It’s true, life’s a trip and no matter what road it takes Tom and I on we keep finding ways to enjoy the ride.

“Baby Boomers & Technology”


Dinner with my senior friends is always a wonderful and interesting evening. We are living in a time of advanced technology, beyond anything we could have imagined in our youth. The technology we use today are the kind science fiction movies were made of in our days. We’ve had to learn how to change our thinking in order to understand how to use our computers, iPhones, iPads and ebooks. It boggles our mind how they can possible work. Where does google get its information when we ask it a question? Is there an invisible mind lurking out in space? We know where it comes from, but that’s the way it seemed to us in the beginning.

Our children grew up learning enough to make it second nature to them, but it’s our grandchildren who come to save the day when we get stuck. But, our generation has had to change everything we ever thought about it, if we want to be in the loop of technical knowledge. Now when I sit around the table with my friends instead of pulling out our brag albums full of pictures, we bring our pictures up on our iPhones and pass them around. Being together also gives us the opportunity to learn from each other as we laugh about what we thought we knew and rediscover new and better ways to use them.

I think we deserve a lot of credit for our enthusiastic willingness to change with the times in spite of how confusing it can be for us, but what more could you expect from the baby boomer generation. All we have to say is, “bring it on!”.