On Ol Vehicles and Their Repairs


No matter how good your car is or how well you take care of it eventually you’re going to need new parts and some repairs. Or you could just trade it in for a new model. Unfortunately, the body’s vehicle can’t be traded in for a new model. In the last few years, Tom and I have been in and out of the repair shop hoping to get a few more years out of our aging vehicles. We have a lot to do yet, and we’re grateful for the quality of life these repairs give us.

I went in for some repairs on my hands a little over a week ago. The right hand was for carpal tunnel that I put off too long, and the left hand was for a painful trigger thumb that was waking me up at night. They needed to be taken care of so I could take care of Tom for his upcoming right knee replacement. Unfortunately his knee pain took a turn for the worse and some days he can hardly walk at all. I thought I would have at least four weeks to gain my strength back, but it’s funny how we find ways to make things work out. Two bodies are better than one, and as we bring ourselves together we become one working unit. Tom has become our hands, and I our legs. We have become a true testament to our marriage values as we become one in each. But make no mistake, as we go through this new alignment in our bodies there’s lots of testing going on which requires patience. And what comes with patience but lots of opportunity to practice our sacred values of…for better or worse. Lol

It’s true, life’s a trip and no matter what road it takes Tom and I on we keep finding ways to enjoy the ride.

I Heard it Through the Grapevine

“I think I smell a rotten grape!”
“Oy vey! I smell it too!”
“It only takes one.”
“Yeah, to spoil the cluster we’ve become.“
“It’s probably just the stress in our lives.”
“No, it’s the one with the negative vibes.”
“You mean the one with the big opinions.”
“Who speaks without any real facts?”
“Yes, it’s the one who gets us in a tizzy.”
“Oy, Vey! Giving off that destructive gas.”
“Who is it? Come out, and show your face.”
“We couldn’t see them if we tried. We can’t even see the one on our side.”
“Maybe it’s the one at the bottom, tucked safely away where it can hide.”
“Oy, Vey! Come out, wherever you are.”
“Go away!”
“Before you spoil us from the inside out!”
“For the sake of our cluster drop away, we plead for there’s still so much good fruit yet to offer!”

What’s Love Got To Do With It


I think love is as important as the air, water and food we need to sustain us.

In his book “Ideas for Living” Ernest Holmes says; “Love overlooks the little differences we have and finds a point of reconciliation with others. Love creates tolerance and human understanding, without which we become divided against ourselves and without which we almost unconsciously become filled with criticism, condemnation and false judgment.”

Love is like an electrical power source running through us and when we are plugged into it everything seems to function as it should. I personally believe that Love and God are the same thing, but you can see it in whatever way you feel comfortable. There is no right or wrong when you have love in your heart. Is there?

From my personal point of view, what the world needs now, is love sweet love, and that my friends is…what love’s got to do with it.

Are You A Sinking Ship?


Being a visual person a message like this puts everything into perspective for me. Sometimes we forget that we’re the captain of our own ship. Noting can enter but that which we let in willingly.

Thank you to bayart.org for all their wonderful encouraging quotes.



Sometimes I feel like the mole in the whac-a-mole game. I pop up with my positivity, and the whacker bangs their hammer down on my head. I pop back up from another hole spreading hope, and down comes the hammer, I pop up from another hole offering kindness, and down comes the hammer, bang! Bang! Bang! The whacker whacks away at me, trying to make me disappear, but up from another hole do I appear. It’s love I am offering, and it’s more powerful than your fear. If you’d stop and listen, just once to hear…the change you want might begin…right here.