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“Sunday’s With Ollie”


“Sunday’s With Ollie”

As I’m sitting nested in my favorite spot upon the couch I see everything and everyone who passes by. Being a dog, I bark because my first reaction is to protect my tribe. I don’t see people outside the window by what kind of human they are. My animal instinct simple goes into over drive and I’m ready for the attack is necessary. My Connie comes in to tell me to stop as my bark is very load and sometimes hurts her ears. She sits down beside me, and with her calming voice says, “they’re not hurting anyone Ollie. They have as much right to walk by our house as the next person because we live in a country that respects the rights of all humans.”

Being a dog I have no idea what that means, but I feel better because her voice is soothing, and her touch is gentle.

“I know you don’t understand Ollie. You see as humans unlike animals we’ve been given a wonderful mind to think with. So when we look out our windows, we are better able to articulate with clarity what we see. But we don’t just think with the “ego” mind that limits our thinking. We have a heart and soul in which to sieve our thoughts through. That ability brings kindness and love into view, so that there is no room for judgement without probable cause.”

It’s true as an animal the dog God made me less complicate then the human. All I can say is arf arf, that means “thank you” in people words. You know we learn from our people same as a child does by what we see and sense. As a dog, I can use my powerful senses to asses the situation for better or worse if given the chance. But it really depends on what we learn from our human friends that makes us like one kind over another.

All in all I feel safe, loved and understood for what I am, and I’m a dog. I think that makes me a pretty lucky dog indeed!

“The Lession On Learning”


portrait-of-a-woman-in-a-caveLearning everything there is to know.

A therapy fable from an unknown author

Once upon a time, a woman moved to a cave in the mountains to study with a guru.  She wanted, she said, to learn everything there was to know.  The guru supplied her with stacks of books and left her alone so she could study.  Every morning, the guru returned to the cave to monitor the woman’s progress.  In his hand, he carried a heavy wooden cane.  Each morning, he asked her the same question:  “Have you learned everything there is to know yet?”  Each morning, her answer was the same.  “No,” she said, “I haven’t.”  The guru would then strike her with his cane.

This scenario repeated itself for months.  One day the guru entered the cave, asked the same question, heard the same answer, and raised his cane to hit her in the same way, but the women grabbed the cane from the guru, stopping his assault in midair.

Relieved to end the daily battering but fearing reprisal, the women looked up at the guru.  To her surprise, the guru smiled.  “Congratulations,” he said, “you have graduated.  You now know everything you need to know.”

“How’s that? “The woman asked.

“You have learned that you will never learn everything there is to know,” he replied.  “And you have learned how to stop the pain.


“And What Is The Truth?”


Do we not need “hope” more then ever right now? Oh Lordy I’m loosing my faith, my optimism, my positive belief in the better good of mankind. I’m even loosing faith in the ability to trust my own instincts. But there’s too much love in my heart, and while it becomes drained, it never goes dry. There is always a reserve to build upon. I don’t believe in being tested, but I do believe that we grow to a point where we must put what we know to be our truth into practice. I know the difference between right and wrong just as we all do. There can be no justification for what our heart and soul knows to be true. And what is that truth? That is the real question. Don’t be swayed by what others say or dictate for you. Look for the truth, be properly informed, and ask for God’s guidance that you may live with the decision you make in all matters.

Learn from the things that disillusion you, don’t let them break you.

“To Laugh Is To Feel Alive”


My reading today was about how important laughter is in our daily life. I can’t think of a better time to bring it into practice. As we contemplate all that is going on around us, we can feel an overwhelming sense of being violated inside and out. An unknown author put it well, “Laughter is to the soul, what soap is to the body.” That’s the way I feel sometimes, like I want to wash away all the ugliness from my mind, body and soul.

If laughter is so good for me than I wonder, how can I bring more laughter into my everyday life? Sometimes things can be so traumatic that you know you’ll never get through it unless you can find something to laugh about. It does take a bit of retraining of the mind to get ourselves unstuck from the seductive lure that drama pulls us into. So we have to work harder to find ways to experience the benefits laughter creates in our life, and when we practice it like anything else, it becomes easier to experience.

 Do you ever wonder how many times you laugh in a day?

“Be The Change You Want To Happen”


There has never been a more important time in our life then right now to take these 3 C’s more seriously, but there is one more very important “C” to add to the equation, “conscious.” Because your “choice” for “change” should be the “chance” you’re willing to take…that always reflects your “conscious.”

“Positive vs. Negative”


I was trying to write my own post on this subject and found this article that said it it better then I could put into words. It is possible to live a positive optimistic life if you really want to. Even in the face of all the negativity going on around you. It’s not reality, it’s choice. Being positive Is not denial and a fluffy warm unrealistic feeling, it’s work, choice and perseverance toward something better. Like the jingle goes, “what’s in your wallet?” I say ask yourself, “what’s in your heart?”

“Sunday’s with Ollie”


Sunday’s with Ollie

If you want to know what kind of vibes your body language gives off, then get a dog. We are so in tuned to our people that it seems like we’re reading their mind at times. What we’re really doing is looking at your expressions, feeling the vibes that bounce off your body, and smelling the scents they create. We know you inside and out maybe better than you know yourself sometimes.

Take my Connie for instance, she can be quite anxious about things at times. It makes me anxious when I feel it buzzing off her body, and she looks at me wondering why I’m walking all over her or jumping up and down. The most amazing change I see come over her is when we go into her special room. We sit in her comfy chair, she lights a candle, closes her eyes for a few moments. That’s when I begin to feel the tension bleeding off her. She then reads and writes in her journal. By the time she’s done the prickly feelings of her tension are gone, and in their place is a feeling of cozy warmth I can’t help snuggling up against. But first I look up at her getting her attention. She pets my head gently and says, “You feel it too don’t you Ollie!”

Yes indeed I do! The Dog God works in mysterious ways, and I’m reminded once again what a “lucky dog” I am.

“Granny Tell Me Your Memories”


Today’s question ask me to share a memory about what I did to stay cool during a heatwave in my childhood.

Now just imagine on this very day, the hottest of the summer yet, not having the comfort of air conditioning to escape the discomfort. There was no excuse for staying inside because it was hotter there than outside under a tree or any shade you could find. If we didn’t have a stream or pool to cool off in we ran through the sprinkler, squatter each other with squirt guns, filled water balloons and tried to make as much fun as we could cooling off. Sitting inside the house in front of a fan was too boring and didn’t help much anyway. I knew when the night came I’d be laying in front of one tossing and turning. Going from the head of the bed to the foot of it, trying to find the coolest spot to lay. Hair damp at the nap of my neck as well as the rest of my body. It was the fan blowing on my damp skin that eventually gave me the relief I needed to fall asleep.

Thinking back I realize that even with the lack of comfort back then we used our imaginations to find ways to make a bad situation the best it could be. My advice with the wisdom I’ve gained through my many decades of life is not to let the many comforts you now have keep you from finding ways to use your own wonderful imagination.