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Day 357: The Value of Christmas Past


When we recall Christmas past, we usually find that the simplest things — not the great occasions — give off the greatest glow of happiness.”

~Bob Hope

When I was six years old, my parents went bankrupt, and we lost our new home. It was in a development and at the end of the road was a farm field—the farmhouse on the other side of the field was for rent, so that was where we moved. It was like going from riches to being poor, at least; that’s what I remember my mom saying.

It really wasn’t so bad for a kid. There was an enormous weeping willow tree my brother built a treehouse in. Sometimes he’d let me go in it. There was a barn where neighbors kept their two horses we couldn’t ride, but we could pet and give carrots, too. My dad raised chicks for the farmer next door, and we got to watch them hatch out of their eggs and hold their soft puffy yellow body in our hands. It was an old house that I could have loved if it wasn’t for the spiders that got inside it. My mom tried to teach me something good about spiders as we watched a big spider weave its web over a floodlight outside. I became mesmerized by how an ugly creepy spider could be so graceful and make such beautiful lace.

It must have been the first Christmas I couldn’t get to sleep. My siblings and I were worried that Santa wouldn’t know where we lived since we moved. My parents must have been in their thirties, and they put on a good show for us kids. While we were still in bed, we heard our parents talking to Santa and how happy we kids would be to know that he did indeed know how to find our family. Santa responded with a big jolly, ho ho ho! Merry Christmas and to all a good night!

Reflection: Do you ever wonder why, when times are rough, children have a way of being more creative, making fun with what they have, and discovering things for the first time? You learn to appreciate what you have. They were challenging years for our family, but the fondest years I remember because we made the best of what we had, and we did it together.

Day 355: The Value of Winter Solstice


Winter Solstice

Nature remembers what we humans have forgotten:

Every cycle must return to stillness, silence, the dark;

Every out-breath requires an in-breath;

Every outer endeavor turns back inward of its origins, its center, and begins again.

From death comes new life, and from the darkest night, the new dawn is born.


New life, new birth, new beginnings seem to be the subject in December. We have to get through the winters of our life repeatedly, just like nature teaches us. It’s our chance to sit in the stillness, the silence, even the darkness, and contemplate what we had learned from the days when the light shined upon us. What will we take with us into the new dawn of a new beginning? What will we leave behind for now? What will help us bloom, unfold and become the person we want to be?

Reflection: I pray that the dawn of the Winter Solstice chases your darkness away. May all your sorrow vanish and all your dreams come true. And may the promise of God’s light come shinny through for you.

Day 332: The Value of The Rhythm of Life


“If God is the DJ, then life is the dance floor, love is the rhythm, and you are the music.”


There is a rhythm to the changing seasons. Fall gives us the chance to slowly glide into the cold of winter, spring awakens us with a few of its fancy steps, and summer puts us in the full movement of the rhythm of life. Within each season, we dance to the steps of each day, and within each day, we flow into the rhythm of our daily work. At least that’s the way I want it could be. It takes a conscious effort to be in tune with the opportunities that life brings before us; how we perform lies within the choices we make. I can choose to dance my way through things or let my anxiety block the sounds of the music within me.

This weekend as I get into the rhythm of the Christmas season decorating, I realize I have two choices in how I can go about it. I can remember the reason for the season and why I put so much effort into it. Or I can become overwhelmed by perfection and the time limits I put on what I’m doing. Conscious thinking, a few deep breaths, a little Christmas music, and I remember how much fun it is to dance my way through the things I actually enjoy doing.

Reflection: If God is the DJ, life is the dance floor, love is the rhythm, and I am the music. I’m not sure it gets any better than that. I want to dance to the music every day in everything I do and dance my way through the rhythm of life.

Day 305: The Value of The Harvest


“Inside each seed is the potential for an incredible harvest.”

~Farrah Gray

November is the time for gathering in the harvest and giving thanks for the abundance of our efforts. Today I think metaphorically about the personal harvest I have collected. Am I happy with the kind of seeds I’ve planted? The crops I gather reveal how much effort I put into caring for those seeds. But what about the outside influences that were out of my control? Did I give up because the elements of life kept getting in the way? Or did I continue to make the best out of what I had to work with? What have I learned that could make next year’s harvest even better?

It’s funny how the dirt in my gardens smells so sweet every year at this time. It is cool and crisp as I clean my beds for next year’s planting, but the warmth of the sun beating on my back gives me the energy to keep working, and the last bits of color hanging from the trees fill me with hope. These little things remind me of all the goodness that lies beneath the troubled thoughts of our world; there is still so much to be thankful for. As I gather my harvest for the winter seasons, I realize there is plenty of thoughtful goodies to last me until the awakening of spring.

Reflection: There is much to contemplate and savor this time of year; my goal is to learn from my mistakes, gather in the good, and share the abundant goodness that my harvest has produced.

Day 266: The Value of Autumn’s Beauty


Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.

Lauren DeStefano, Wither

Autumn is my favorite time of the year though I often wondered why when so many sad things happened to me then. But there was one perfect miracle that outstood all the painful stuff. It was fifty years ago that our firstborn came into our life: our love child, Ginny, who was there from the beginning as we worked hard to create the kind of life Tom and I dreamed we could have together.

There is something magical about autumn that takes us to a place of quiet contemplation. My senses awaken like the flowers at the end of summer, putting everything they have into their last performance. And as the flowers die back, the leaves on the trees become the colorful flowers of fall. I feel the coolness that comes, yet the sun still warms me like a cozy blanket. I smell the sweetness of the earth and taste the bounty of summer’s growth in the pumpkins, apples, and cinnamon spices.

Reflection: I value everything that autumn brings out in me. It reminds me to slow down enjoy the moment right now, and as I reflect on the fall of many past autumns, I see the bounty that our family has produced over the many years since that first miracle that changed our lives.

Day 244: The Value of Warmth


“September is the month of maturity, the heaped basket and garnered sheaf. It is the month of climax and completion. September! I never tire of turning it over and over in my mind. It has warmth, depth, and color. It glows like old amber.”

~Patience Strong,

As I was thinking about what September means to me, warmth came to mind. That cozy feeling of warmth stirred by the awakening of my senses as all of summer’s harvest and flowers come into their peak season—the smells of pumpkin and cinnamon spices, apple cider, even the earthy smell of rich soil. And the flowers knowing their season of life is coming to an end, display with their brightest colors, stirring a warmth of joy inside me as I recognize the meaning of their purpose; it brings a smile to my face.

Warmth represents a place in the middle. It’s the feel-good place we all long to be. Not too hot, not too cold. When we express from a place of warmth, we are coming from the center of ourselves, our heart. September is a season that reminds us how good it feels to express the very best of who we have become. If I can feel the warmth it creates in me, then I can share that harvest I’ve gathered with others, with a simple pat on the back, a kind word, or eye contact.

Reflection: Today, September 1, the temperature has dropped. It’s raining like cats and dogs out, but it feels like a warm cozy day to sit inside, grab a blanket and read a book or watch a good movie. The sun will come out tomorrow. ☀️

Don’t let Autumn Catch You Crying


Don’t let all the beauty of Autumn be overshadowed by the things you cannot control. It is our last opportunity before the dead of winter sets in to stop in our tracks and look around. Remembering how awesome this world really is beneath all the troubles that occupy our minds these days. Fall is the season when everything is at its peak, especially our senses as we take in the colors, smells, tastes, and sounds. As we harvest and bring together all that this season has to offer, we are fattening our hearts, soul, and minds to get us through the winter months ahead.

”Seize The Flow”


Seize the flow of good in your life today.

As I sit at the beginning of my day putting my prayers, thoughts, agenda, and desires into perspective; I know one thing I want for sure, to be in the flow of all the goodness that comes drifting through the river of my day. I pray for the courage to stop and recognize that when things begin to feel too complicated, it’s probably because I’m fighting against the flow, going in the wrong direction. It’s then that I can seize the flow of good in my life once again and ride along the tide of all that is good and right in my life.

“The Infectious Love Bug”



There is not only an infectious love fever going around this time of year with Valentine Day on the horizon, but spring fever is in the air as well. They both involve one big symptom, LOVE, and with all the flu and viruses going around this is one feverish infection I don’t mind catching.

While the Valentine cards we get in the mail will come and go, the gardening magazines and seed catalog’s will give us something longer lasting to read through, plan with, and dream about. We could all use a few dreams of sunshine and warmer weather about now, don’t you agree?

It was my Dad who taught me the love of gardening, but it was a special friend who taught me how the love of gardening could be compared to friendship. In a card she sent me many years ago she wrote that, “Friends are like flowers in the garden of life.” She taught me that our friendships need the same care and nurturing that our gardens do if we want them to continue blooming.

Every year at this time I think of her as my garden magazine’s and seed catalogs come in the mail. It’s a time not only to plan my gardens, but also to check-in with how well I’ve been nurturing and tending my friendships.

Whether it’s the love of your honey, family, friends or the things you enjoy doing where there is love everything in life blossoms .

This is dedicated to you my dear friend…Denise.

“Missed Moments”


The hummingbird comes and  goes as quickly as the moments in our days. If you don’t catch a glimpse of it when it’s here all you can do is hope for another tomorrow.  Hummingbird don’t fly away.

Sometimes my days are like the hummingbird, they come and go before I’ve had a chance to stop and enjoy what it had to show me. Today is the beginning of longer days to enjoy, offering us more sunshine, giving us a brighter light to see with, and warm energizing rays beaming down on us giving us the energy we need to enjoy every moment.  Soon we’ll be sitting on our porches watching the hummingbirds as they come and  singing to each other, Haven’t you noticed the days somehow keep getting longer.

But, don’t let today fly away before you’ve had a chance to see what it has to show you because it is the hummingbird after all who shows us how easy it is to miss the most important moments in our life. Capture it before the hummingbird flies away.