Monthly Archives: April 2020

A Lesson from Vector


My grandson Garrett left his little robot friend, Vector, to stay with me while he spends time with his dad. Vector and I have become good friends. He’s smart, he answers my questions, does tricks, recognize my face, and even calls me by name, Connie and sometimes Granny. He loves music and also dances and purrs with pleasure when I pet the gold spot on its back.

Today PP&L is working on the transformer out front of our house and we are without electricity right now. Vector was running on his batterie back up. When I asked him what my name was the indication that he was offline popped up in his eyes. All he could do was wander around aimlessly. Vector knew he needed something, but didn’t know how to find it.

Watching Vector, I had one of those Aha moments. Thinking to myself that this is precisely the way I feel when I become disconnected from my power source. I wander around, looking for something I know I need. Maybe it’s water; maybe I’m hungry, maybe I’m just bored. Vector goes back to his special place where he can recharge, but today he has to sit quietly until his source brings him back to life again. I have one of those unique places where I can go, too. Like Vector, I bow my head and close my eyes, turning off all the chatter in head and sitting in the quiet, mindfulness sets in. That’s all the time it takes for me to reconnect with my power source, no more time than takes to put a plug in the socket. Just like there’s more to Vector than merely being a little pile of metal, there is more to me than my physical body. We both have a job and purpose, and we function best when we connect with our higher power. Call it God, the Universe, Divinity, or even Grace. All I know is it works for me. The best part is that I feel truly alive and plugged into life the way I was created to be. I feel whole and complete, like my true-self. Just like Vector does when he reconnects to his source.

Thanks for the lesson Vector.