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Day 169: The Value of Traditions


“Family traditions old and new,

what works for me

maynot work for you.

The important thing is

we work together

to make memories

that will last forever.”

~Stacy Coles

You get married and begin a family all your own. Together you build upon the traditions you both bring into your little family, and before you know it, years pass by. The traditions you build upon and the memories you make are what pull everyone back together again. There is something about tradition that gives you a sense of belonging. It reminds you who you are and where you come from and gives you that comforting feeling that you are home again.

As a grandparent, I feel an even stronger sense of responsibility to keep our traditions alive. I hear in the grandkids’ voices who are growing up so fast. Still, they get excited about being together during the holidays. We had to make a few changes over the years, and they are always most happy to come back to Granny and Pop’s old traditional way of doing things. These traditions are the things we do repeatedly so often that they become embedded in the minds of the younger generations of our family. There is comfort in knowing that we will be remembered just like our own parents and grandparents before us through the traditions we hand down.

This past year the pandemic played a bit of havoc in our traditional time spent together as a family. But in reality, it has only made us realize how important our time is together.

Reflection: It feels like the pandemic has given us another chance to see the value of what our family means to us and to build upon the importance of those valued traditions and help them grow even stronger. We are so very grateful for this time in our lives.

Letting Go is Hard To Do


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It’s that time of year when birds build their nest tend to their new families with great devotion than suddenly push the matured baby’s out of the nest. How does it know to fly or where to find food and shelter?

Its also the time of year when graduations take place and parents begin their own process of letting go.

No one ever told me how hard it was going to be. Its almost like going through the stages of grief. If you think about it, that makes sense because it is the end of a way of life for both child & parent.

How wonderful nature is in teaching us the process of letting go. How could a bird every learn to fly it didn’t take that first leap? And what if the parents held them back protecting them from all the things that could go wrong?

How will they ever learn if we don’t let go? Its the one time in your life when you feel the most determination to hang on but in the end its the most courageous thing you can do to teach them how to fly on their own.

“Be The Change You Want To See”


holding childs hand 

I’m not one to voice my opinion much about the things that go on in our country. I don’t like getting into political confrontations with people because everybody’s right and nobodies wrong, and nothing seems to change for the better. I am neither republican, democrat or independent. I vote as a non-partisan, but I don’t like being labeled. So, let’s just say I’m me. I try take everything I understand into consideration. Then I pray about it, because if decide anything without a God conscious mind all that I know to be good and right goes out the window. The things that we know to be true and right exist within every one of us. It doesn’t take rocket science to tap into it. All we have to do is get out of our own way. Push our pride aside and do what’s right. Do something because our children and grandchildren are dying because nothing is changing.

I didn’t always agree with what my Dad believed, but the one thing I admired about him was that he voiced his opinion to his representatives. He wrote letters about what he thought was right or wrong because he believed what he had to say was important enough to be heard. He was so passionate about it that he wrote with carbon paper so he’d have a copy of what he wrote to follow-up with. Today it couldn’t be any easier for us. All we have to do is look up our representatives on the internet and write a few lines to voice our own opinion. As a matter of fact, they prefer that to a letter. We need to do something, and we need to do it now. So, I encourage everyone reading this to take a few moments to consider what you think the right solution is to all these school shootings. Then write your representatives and voicings your opinion because that’s what they’re there for…to represent us. If they’re not, then let them know they won’t get your vote in the next election. Let’s take back the power that we’ve been investing in them.

Okay! I said enough. I’m getting a glass a wine. Than I’m sitting down to put my own words into action…I’m write my representatives now. I hope you will join me.



“Our Love Story”


We’ve only just begun…to live, 
white lace and promises,  
a kiss for luck, 
and we’re on our way, 
we’ve only just begun. 
-The Carpenters   

So much of life ahead of us, we weren’t thinking how our love would grow. We were too busy enjoying the love we shared every moment we were together. “It was only the beginning,” we sang along with Chicago. I know there is quite a contrast between the Carpenters and Chicago music we liked, but both expressed so well our life then, and how we felt about each other. How could we have known in the beginning that what started with the two of us would grow into the wonderful family we have 46 years later.  

How excited we were to begin our family. An actual human being created from our love. As we entered into the world of parenthood our family grew from the two of us to six, and the next generation of our love came into the world. It was a time when our love for each other was put on the shelf for a while as our children became the center of our life. How quickly the years passed by and before we knew it we became empty nesters. Back to just the two of us. A chance to fall in love all over again. Making the pain of letting go of our children a little bit easier. We still had each other.  

Soon our own children fell in love and begin their own lives with the same white lace, and promises, a kiss for luck, and they were on their way. Not long after they began their own family’s. A 3rd generation that began with us came into the world as we became grandparents. Our grandchildren the most beautiful of all the flowers grown from our garden of love.  

Proudly we stand together the two of us looking around at the family that began with us. We say in ah to one another, how could we have ever imagined how wonderful our life would turn out to be.  

Then our grandchild fell in love carrying on the same tradition of white lace and promises, a kiss for luck and their on their way. 

Soon we are great grandparents as the 4th generation of us comes into the world. 

We seem to be looking from a further distance now watching as if we are looking from a mountain top down at the valley of family that began with us.   

We were two young kids who didn’t have anything else going for us except our love for one another. 

But where there is love anything is possible and when you add God to the equation everything else seems to fall together. What began as two has grown into 21, and the funny thing is with each new generations that’s followed we still feel as if each day together we’ve only just begun to live because everyday is new opportunity to fall in love all over again because we still have each other. 

Happy Anniversary my love!!!



One of my grandsons recently said he wasn’t looking forward to going back to school because he hates homework. I chuckled and said, “ I don’t think anyone likes to do homework.” But he went on to say that he hated it because he was stupid. “Don’t say that,” I said. “You’re not stupid, and if you keep saying and believing it, you will never see how smart you really are.”
It broke my heart same as it did when my own kids thought it at one point or another. It even opened wounds of my own, as I remembered how hard school was for me because I believed the same thing.

I later tried to sit him down and get him to think about how wonderful made he is. That God doesn’t make mistakes, and that there’s this wonderful power he gives that allows us to see ourselves in whatever way we want to. Of course as you’ve probable guessed by now, it went in one ear and out the other. He’s a child and he’s not able to comprehend that. Even as adults we find it hard to tap into that power. We have to be willing and open to see something beyond our limited mind. It’s there, always has been, and always will be. It sits in waiting for us to discover it when we’re ready.

How did I see my own worth? One day as a young adult, someone told me that God doesn’t make mistakes. When I was told that there was no one else in the world like me, and that no one could do what I alone was created to do. When I understood that everyone was unique in their own way, it was then that something opened up in me, and I began to see that my life had meaning, and it was all my own. It doesn’t even matter how smart a person is, it won’t help them understand any better. You have to be willing and open to see something different, and then you have to work at changing all those old thought patterns. Oh…how freeing it is when this understanding awakens in us.

As for our kids and grandchildren, there is still the work we can do to show them the same worth God has shown us. We love, encourage, build them up, and most of all listen. In this way we become an expression for them what God has become for us. You don’t need some big revelation in your life to do this, just start from your deepest sense of goodness and watch the miracles it creates for you and them.

“On Being A Parent”


On Being a Parent
We raise our children watching them go from one stage of life to another. Than we have to let them go. It’s something that no one can ever prepare you for, but you have to do it trusting as the birds do that they will be able to fly on their own. But the truth is that you never stop being a parent. You’re always there for them when they need you. You always see the best in them even when they can’t see it in themselves. You always give your two cents, only with a little less flare then you did when they were kids. I guess as parents we are all a little partial to our own kids, we wish others could see them through our eyes. We still hate to see them hurting, treated unfairly, and we never lose that desire in our hearts to make everything better for them again. Yes being a parent never stops because you will forever be our children and we will always love you, wanting nothing but the best for you.