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“The Gift That Moments Bring”


The Gift That Moments Bring

What a beautiful day. I sat on the deck this morning. As I quiet myself for my devotional time, I hear the various birds chirping from every direction. I realize how much I take them for granted. I hear them everyday, but not really hearing them at all most of the time. Today though, it sounded like music, setting the tone of my daily ritual.

Taking in more of natures gifts, I smell the lavender in my garden, adding to my relaxing peaceful moment. Than I take notice of my curly willow tree and how fast it’s grown in just a few years. It looks like messy head of hair all knotted and tangled. The real beauty of this tree lies beneath its leaves. I don’t care that it’s not the greatest looking tree. It provides the privacy we want, and I know the beauty that lies beneath the leaves. A work of art to look forward to in the dead of winter. I’m reminded of how nature always has a way of teaching us the lessons of life.

I did my daily reading, prayer and meditation. However, nothing spoke as profoundly to me as being in the moment among Gods creations giving all I heard, saw and smelled the recognition each deserves. And I am left with a sense grace and gratitude.

“Sunday’s with Ollie”


I like most people. I may not cuddle up to them the way I do my Connie, but I enjoy having them around. The more people around of course means, more chances for extra treats, but the interesting part is the various scents I pickup from each person. If people could only get inside my head when I become mesmerized by their smell they’ed understand why it’s so interesting to me. You can’t hide anything from a dog. I can smell everything you think by the scents those thoughts bring out in you. It’s just a good thing for some that I can’t blab it out loud.

My Connie has the ability to read my mind because she loves me and knows by my expressions what I’m trying to tell her. That’s the way humans read each other too, by their actions. For humans actions speak louder than words, but still not as loud as scents speak to dogs.

Sometimes I try to get inside my Connie’s head so she can see what I’m seeing about her. I sit with my bulging brown eyes staring at her. Look into my eyes, I’m trying to tell her. I’ve been doing it a lot lately because she hasn’t been feeling good for months, and I know what’s wrong. She looks at me and says “ it’s okay, Ollie, I know what’s wrong, and I’m going to be fine.” But I’m still not sure if she’s seeing what I’m smelling, and I smell her worry in-spite of how she try’s to put my mind at ease. I’d take away her sickies if I could could sniff them out of her body. I try really hard to do that, but I guess I don’t having enough sniffing faith to move mountains yet. Maybe if I stop thinking about it so much the way humans do, it will come to me naturally the way my inner senses always guide me. Sometimes we just need to get out of our own way and trust in our inner dog God.

If you’d like to read a fantastic article on the power of the dogs nose I encourage you to go this site. You won’t be disappointed.

Know Your Dog’s Nose

“Congested Thoughts”


“Quiet people have the loudest minds.”- Stephen Hawking

I used to be a quiet person. I guess I still am in many ways, but I’ve learned to let my mind speak for me through my writing. The mind is where our thoughts are created, and all creations have a need to be expressed. It gets a little crowded inside there when they can’t find a way out. Fighting to be heard over all the other thoughts, causes a loud shouting match inside our head. When it does find a way out, it often gets jumbled up in the excitement of the release. For me pouring those thoughts out onto paper makes room for clarity. That in turn allows my thoughts to flow with the creative expression they deserve. After all we quiet people have the loudest minds because we have so many great things screaming to be heard.

“To receive or not to recieve,” that is the question?”


“To receive or not to receive,” that is the question?

It’s not easy to receive when you feel a sense of unworthiness. Does anyone have the right to feel good about the things they do without giving God all the credit? I hate when people say, oh it’s not me that does the work, but the God within me. Right there and then, when you say that you’re separating yourself from God. It is you who did the work, and it is in, through and with Him that it becomes the master piece it was meant to be. If we separate ourselves from God, then the unique person He created us to be means nothing. God is as much a part of me as my own brain is. He gave me the freedom to choose how to think with it. I can go through life thinking in the limited state of a human if I choose. Maybe never even acknowledging God at all, but it doesn’t change the fact that He’s still within me. When we’re ready to accept and receive this truth, a whole new world opens up to us. As One we make great things happen.

When we understand the true meaning of receiving, the question goes away. Because it is in receiving that we give, and in giving that we receive as St Francis puts so eloquently. You can’t have one without other, that is unless you are using it for the wrong reasons.

So I offer you the gift of thanks for reading the things that God puts in my heart. We make a great team, and it only happened when I started believing in the person God created me to be in the first place.

“You is good. You is Kind, and you is important!” It is yours to receive or not.



“What’s On Your Mind?


“What’s on Your Mind?”

One continually attracts to himself forces and influences most akin to those of his life…determined by the thoughts and emotions he habitually entertains.-Ralph Waldo Trine

Don’t brush this statement off and move on lightly.

It’s a powerful eye opening truth about ourselves that gives us a look inside our thoughts. Look around you. It’s in your house, from the clothes you buy, to the books you love to read, the music that touches your heart, the décor that makes you comfortable. It’s in the hobbies that express yourself, the things you love to do. It’s in the company that you keep, and the things you talk about. It’s in the efforts that you make or not. It’s in your beliefs…faith wise or other wise. If you don’t know who you are then just simply look around, and if you don’t like what you see you’ll know it’s not your truth.

It’s always good to take a little inventory of ourselves. Like spring cleaning, we can get rid of the things that no longer serves our truth. It feels good to clean out all the unnecessary cluttered stuff that’s taking up room in our minds. When all is said and done we feel a sense of space, freedom and peacefulness. Now we have a bit of clarity, and we’re better able to entertain the thoughts that truly reflect who we are.

“Baby Boomers & Technology”


Dinner with my senior friends is always a wonderful and interesting evening. We are living in a time of advanced technology, beyond anything we could have imagined in our youth. The technology we use today are the kind science fiction movies were made of in our days. We’ve had to learn how to change our thinking in order to understand how to use our computers, iPhones, iPads and ebooks. It boggles our mind how they can possible work. Where does google get its information when we ask it a question? Is there an invisible mind lurking out in space? We know where it comes from, but that’s the way it seemed to us in the beginning.

Our children grew up learning enough to make it second nature to them, but it’s our grandchildren who come to save the day when we get stuck. But, our generation has had to change everything we ever thought about it, if we want to be in the loop of technical knowledge. Now when I sit around the table with my friends instead of pulling out our brag albums full of pictures, we bring our pictures up on our iPhones and pass them around. Being together also gives us the opportunity to learn from each other as we laugh about what we thought we knew and rediscover new and better ways to use them.

I think we deserve a lot of credit for our enthusiastic willingness to change with the times in spite of how confusing it can be for us, but what more could you expect from the baby boomer generation. All we have to say is, “bring it on!”.

“Sunday’s With Ollie”


Sunday’s with Ollie

Do you ever ignore the voice in your head that says, “bad dog, don’t do that?”

I listen good when I want to. However, sometimes I ignore the voice because the need to do what I want turns the voice off. Things like eating cookies out of the grandkids hands. They hold them at a level so close to my sniffer that I can’t resist doing what the voice in my head is telling me not to. Than I justify it by saying to myself, it’s their fault, they should know better.

“Ollie get in your box,” my Connie yells at me. My favorite person in the world yelling at me breaks my heart. I walk slowly with my head lowered for I know I am guilty of my crime. Worst of all I’ve disappointed the one I love the most. I should know better than to mess with the grandkids. That’s something she doesn’t take lightly. My cozy little room becomes the “box,” and as I hear the click of the lock it becomes my “jail cell.” I admit my guilt as I sit with my head bowed in shame, whining in sadness and sorrow. Oh why didn’t I listen to the good voice that always knows best. Now I don’t get to enjoy all the other opportunities that having guest bring. Why couldn’t I have been satisfied with the many things the grandkids drop freely without thought. Those are the true gifts of the dog God. But no I had to take things into my own paws. Dog gone it why do I let temptation get the better of me? I’m guessing it’s because I’m a dog. I don’t have the sophisticated mind of a human after all. Why with a mind like theirs I bet they don’t have any trouble at all listening to the voice when it tells them to stop.

Achieving our Dreams


What does it take to accomplish our dreams?

Desire, is the want, but passion is the drive. Courage helps us take the first step. Belief in ourselves gives us the confidence to keep moving forward. Focus keeps our dream in view. Commitment helps us follow through, and perseverance pushes us through the difficulties. These are all the tools we take with us as we journey toward our dream. It is a work in progress that takes time. I call it my “on the job training.” I’ve learned when my goal starts getting out of whack, it’s usually because I’ve lost one of these tools along the way. Rethinking things through can be the difference between knowing and understanding. After all, knowledge that accomplishes true understanding creates wisdom which is the true master of all our hard earned work.

“One Of The Many Lessons Of Spring”


I recently wrote about how in the springtime love is in air. Like the birds I watch, they fly around having fun enjoying the company of each other. Spring does that to us as well. We feel the renewal of the season. It energizes us making us want to reconnect with those we love as well. I wonder though, do we really need a season to come along to remind us how to get back in touch with those we love? Than I think, maybe it’s part of waking up from the sleepy winter. A chance for renewal, rebirth, and rekindling with one another. The seasons do have a lot to teach us if we keep our mind & heart open to what they have to say.