Day 278: The Value of Syncretize


syncretize – unite (beliefs or conflicting principles)

A friend of mine gave me this word syncretize because the word reminded her of me. It means to attempt to unite and harmonize, especially without critical examination or logical unity. I love this word because becoming syncretize allows us to approach our differences with an open heart. As we begin to listen, we can take what resonates with us and incorporate it into our own beliefs.

As human beings, we are created so differently with a purpose all our own. How can we possibly develop into our full potential if we are not open to syncretize with different belief systems? There cannot be one shoe that fits all. We can take the guidelines of God’s word, religion, and political stance. Still, we become who we are created to be through combining these beliefs and the acceptance of our differences.

Something is gratifying about getting to the point in our life when you no longer aspire to be like anyone else but yourself. There is no more jealousy or competitiveness. It’s not about me being better than anyone else. It’s simply becoming comfortable enough with who you are that you, in turn, become comfortable with who everyone else is too. I can listen to what makes you who you are with an open mind and syncretize the things you say with my own beliefs.

Reflection: What keeps coming to my mind is how fearful people are to listen to anything that does not align with their own beliefs. Fear is there to protect us, but it can also hold us bound and keep us from seeing the truth that’s right in front of us.

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